Carpet Care: You should vacuum your carpet often, at least once a week and more often if you have a lot of traffic in your home. Not only does vacuuming remove dirt and other foreign particles, but it also lifts the carpet strands which prevents it from matting down permanently from heavy walking or standing on it in one place. You should also have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year but many manufacturers may recommend having it cleaned more often. If you have pets, plan on keeping a can of good spot treatment on hand at all times (use immediately upon the need for treatment), and also plan on getting your carpet cleaned on a more regular basis. One note on spot treatments – always verify that your carpet is color safe to the treatment in a non-conspicuous area prior to treatment in visible areas.

Carpet Life: Carpet does not last as long as other types of flooring such as hardwood. Generally, it will last 10 years or longer, depending on the quality of the product. However, carpet’s longevity may be extended with proper care and maintenance. It is a good idea to take off your shoes when coming in from the outdoors to help prevent the carpet from matting down.