We have been selling floor tile and installing floor tile to our loyal customers in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler Arizona for over 30 years. Why would you choose floor tile versus other flooring types? Floor tile looks great! It keeps you cooler in Arizona’s hot summers. Floor tile is easy to clean! Today’s floor tile requires just a quick sweep and at the very most a lightly dampened pad to clean the majority of dirt and other particles off the tile. For spills, tile can’t be beaten – just tamp the majority of the spill up with paper towels or a cloth of some type, rinse with water on a slightly dampened pad, and then finish with a lightly dampened or dry pad. You will want to get to the spill as quickly as possible so it will be easy to clean up.

Floor Tile Care: You should sweep your floor tile often, as often as you wish, depending on the foot and pet traffic in your home. Pay attention when you are cleaning your floor tile to get the edges near the baseboards clean. If you don’t clean your edges well, you will end up with discoloration over a period of time. This discoloration is not permanent and is relatively easy to clean unless you let it go for a very long time. You should also lightly dampen a pad for mopping to remove fine particles and make your floor look like new! However, do not use a very damp mop unless you have commercial tile and you own a restaurant in your home! If you have pets, plan on keeping cleaning your tile flooring more often.

Floor Tile Life: Floor tile can last for many years if it is properly cared for and does not become water-soaked from over-mopping. Generally, it will last 20 years or longer, depending on the quality of the product. Ceramic tile can last for a lifetime, but the grout does need to be cleaned separately with a special rejuvenate so it will look like new. Ask us if you need your tile fixed or replaced – we can help you make the best decision for your situation.

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