The importance of making sure that installation is carried out by professionals can not be overstated.

Why shouldn’t you do it yourself?

Simple novice mistakes, or not understanding the dynamics of such procedures as seam attachment or stair installation, can cause you to have to start all over with new product. Additionally, the specialized tools needed to perform the installation are rarely items that the average home owner has access to. Which means you will have to rent or purchase the tools for the job. You will need Tackless Strips, Knee-Kickers, Carpet Stretcher, and a Seam Roller.

Another reason to avoid the do-it-yourself method is that some manufacturers will not warranty their product unless it is installed by professionals.

What are the benefits of using professional installers for your carpet?

A professional installation done right can make even budget-friendly flooring look high-end, But a second-rate installation can leave even the best flooring with obvious seams, lumps, gapping and other issues. A professional installer will first will remove your old carpet, and most installers will dispose of it for an extra fee. Then they will lay down an underpad. After the underpad has been laid, the installer will begin with the carpet.

How do you prepare your home for the installers?

Don’t forget to get yourself ready when it’s time for the carpet to arrive.

  • Make sure you have made arrangements for the take up and disposal of your old carpet.
  • You’ll also need to shift your furniture out of the way to allow the carpet to be installed.
  • Ensure that you can provide the easiest access for your carpet delivery.
  • If the outside area is muddy, it’s a great idea to provide an area for cleaning shoes
  • If you are laying carpet in a new house check that it is ready to go ie. the power is on, the floor is clean, painted surfaces are dry, tiling is complete etc.

What is the next step?

Contact us. In some cases installation is included in our carpet pricing, which makes things even easier. Contact us today add: 1609 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ 85201 or call us at (480) 655-0880.